“I Carved These Places, This Flower, This Bird”… with Gunpowder

From Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang:

And then there was Black Ceremony, a recent daytime fireworks exhibition in the desert sky over Qatar, kicking off his exhibit at the Arab Museum of Modern Art:

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  1. Holy wow.

    I’m speechless. That’s the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in weeks.

    • Amazing, isn’t it?

      I think the first video — where he’s soliciting volunteers — was for an installation he was doing for a Houston museum. Here’s a photo of him standing in front of the product (click to enlarge):

      …which is pretty awesome in its own regard!

  2. I’d like to say remarkable but, I’m so disheartened by pollution, it only brings tears to my eyes.

    • I do know what you mean. From a certain perspective, it feels a little unreal for all those things to be popping — both on the ground and in the sky — in such an apparently unspoiled environment, does it?

  3. How did he come to think of this? I guess how does anyone think of anything? But it was such an amazing sight. I understand Carolyn’s point of view and I’m not unsympathetic, but still…really amazing.

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