8 responses to “Midweek Music Break: The Playmates, “Beep Beep””

  1. I LOVE this song! That “little Rambler” reminds me of myself :) Only you would share the musical nomenclature… I learn something every time I stop by.

  2. this song is awesome. thanks :)

  3. The 1950’s were so unabashedly childish. I picture Rick Santorum in a sweater vest as lead singer.

  4. Well, Music Man (what is the soundtrack to you running after your hat anyway?),

    I heard this and thought of you. Perhaps you’ve heard it too, but in case not…

  5. I can’t believe you reminded me of this! OMG! What a fun song for 4 rowdy kids to sing in the car to drive an already manic father crazy. Thanks once again for the smile John.

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