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  1. Beautiful, beautiful Fridays. Sometimes too beautiful to bear.

    The jewels here for me are Donald Miller and Phillip Booth. Is Miller’s Greatest Hits as good all through, or have I already had the best of it here? Should I get the e-book?

    When I have the temerity to try a poem, it winds up with Booth’s rhythms and phrasing. See “Amor Fati.” In Pawleys Island, you can see scores of deer on the shoulder of Hwy 17 just before sunrise in patchy fog, particularly when you’re taking your daughter to meet a sailor arriving on an early bus from Panama City to Charleston. (He is her future husband; it is your first sighting.) It’s the eyes you notice first.

    Tolle, whose real first name is Leonard. This selection makes me wish I wasn’t terminally pissed at the entire gaggle of spirituality gurus. What can I say?

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