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  1. When I first looked at the picture, I thought it was from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. It looked like the Lloopma Ompas–or however you spell it–when they were working on the enlarging or shrinking the chocolate bars in the TV. And when I read the first writing from Lia Purpura, I was convinced it was you talking about when you were a teacher…maybe it’s just the week, but I was off kilter after that…thanks for the thoughts, I think.

  2. Loved those Boffoli photos!

    Of course, the caption to this one made me think of that Gary Larson cartoon where crime scene officers are examining a man lying dead on a New York sidewalk with a boomerang beside him. A nervous kangaroo backs into the crowd, under a ‘thinks’ bubble – “That was meant for me.”

    I had a Scottish maths teacher at school who was determinedly eccentric, had perhaps become bored with teaching maths, and spent a good third of his time musing on other topics – how weather systems work, how earthquakes might be predicted, why dams silt up so quickly. He’d often conduct odd little improvised experiments, with little or no explanation – seemingly mostly for his own diversion. Unfortunately, his classroom persona was domineering – utterly terrifying! – so he wasn’t engaging enough to really draw us into sharing these quirky interests of his. I think he was one of my key inspirations, though, for seeking different ways of teaching, and different things to teach; for realising that the really interesting stuff mostly lies outside the syllabus, and that learning how to think is ultimately more important than storing up knowledge.

    Ipsnaryi channels – says ReCaptcha today. Which immediately suggests a science fiction story to me…

  3. Mostly I want to know why the next Friday was going to be even more different. And was it?

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