3 responses to “Sculpted in Smoke”

  1. So timely for me, John. I think I’d best heed Koertge’s advice, and head to the town library for work. Though, in my case, a cubicle without a view would be more advisable– sitting near a toddler may not be too productive. Certainly entertaining! And then, well, what I might glean from this toddler… hmm… (Perhaps I should reconsider the seating arrangement.) ;)

    Read Suburban Pastoral by Lucas some years ago. It resonated. And Graham–her voice, her movements, are always an inspiration. The illustration construction/sequence for the Google doodle is fascinating. I must remember to show it to Max. I’ve been nudging him toward a Saturday morning animation class at RISD. (Come on Kid, time to make the high school transcript sparkle!) Though, these days, sleeping in is a bit more enticing to him.

  2. I cannot think of Martha Graham without thinking of my grandmother, who was a dancer when she was young and loved Baryshnikov and Nijinsky. And every time I see someone fascinating and talented named Martha, I wish her name was Marta instead. But that’s probably very wrong of me.

    There a few people I am going to share the Ron Koertge poem with.

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