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  1. Ah…..Sailing to Philadelphia such a fine album and marvelously inspired by Mr. Pynchon’s epic tale (does he do any other kind?) of Mssrs. Mason and Dixon. Would that I could actually find a way to keep the necessary mind set to trudge through his prose for this story, of which I am deeply fascinated. Alas, this passage reminds me why I have never managed to complete that trek. I can not hold that 18th Century mindset long enought to traverse/survey/navigate the 1,000 or so pages in anything resembling a straight shot. Sigh….maybe another summer effort awaits.

    Curiously, you’ve also managed to link one of my favorite musical compositions to one of my favorite Urban Planning tomes and theories, possibly unknowingly. The Palimpsest as a virtuous metaphor for all Great City Plans as set out in “Design of Cities” by the great urban planner, Edmund Bacon. Yes, that Edmund Bacon, who (after Mr. Franklin, of course) was probably the best planner of one of the best city plans in America – Philadelphia. And only one degree of separation from his son, Kevin Bacon. Yes, that Kevin Bacon.

    Hope your mapping relates to your Christmas gifting…

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