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  1. The illustration perfectly fits the post I wrote today.

  2. I tried to post a comment here last night, but ReCaptcha wasn’t displaying for me. Not sure if that was because I was using Explorer rather than Chrome, or because operating without a VPN, or some other unfathomable reason (had only just resurrected my computer from the grave, so having to restore all the bells and whistles one by one – and boy, is it taking a long time!).

    I was saying that the Annie Dillard line reminded me of David Warner’s wonderful turn as The Evil One in Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits, when he rants about the shortcomings of The Creator (eventually to be revealed as a very dapper Sir Ralph Richardson). IMDB is still unavailable to me (not sure what’s up with that – how do amateur movie reviews threaten the security of the Chinese government?), but as I recall, it went something like this:
    “When I’m in charge, we’ll do things right: lasers and computers from Day One. I mean, look what He‘s given us. Thirty-seven species of parrot. Nipples for men! The Universe is in the hands of a madman.”

    You may remember that Sean Connery had an amusing cameo in this as the Greek king Agamemnon, first seen in full armour battling against a minotaur (a shameless splicing together of unrelated legends, but who cares?). I once saw an interview with Terry Jones (who co-wrote the script with his old Python partner Michael Palin) in which he claimed that an early draft of the screenplay had included the marvellous stage direction: Agamemnon slowly removes his helmet – to reveal Sean Connery! Or an actor of similar but cheaper stature.

  3. I am stealing quote for Facebook.

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