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  1. Loved the music, of course! And liked the “We Have Time” as well, since it seems, well–“timely” for me anyway. Do you know the song, “Try a Little Tenderness?” I have the Frank Sinatra version on my iTunes. The weepy violin is rather sappy, and really the lyrics are too, I guess. But it’s a nice little, sad little, tune, too. Just right post for this rainy day.

  2. The world seems to hiccup … and I’m not sure what was introduced into my soul but time did take on a different feeling. Thanks for this.

  3. Did you post an excerpt from the ‘Blink’ story before? I seem to remember something about a mass panic?

    Nice to see Prufrock turning up here at last, long a favourite of mine.

    I hadn’t heard the song before, but it does seem like one of the great unlikely excuses – although perhaps quite true. I was reminded of a Gary Larson cartoon in which a male bear is returning to his cave dazed and bedraggled, a hypodermic dart still hanging from his rump, and a radio beacon strapped to his back. His angry spouse doesn’t buy the story: “You expect me to believe THAT?”

  4. My first association with that song is always the opening sequence of Dr Strangelove – the B-52s ‘mating’ with their refuelling planes. I can’t remember whose version that is. Otis Redding’s is one of the most famous; it might be his.

    1. I was talking about ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ there, of course. I had meant to insert this in reply to Cynth’s comment at the top, but goofed somehow.

  5. Oh, my, Froog, I had forgotten that sequence from the movie! I love that movie. It’s just so great in so many ways…music included. Thanks for the chuckle in reminding me.

  6. I don’t care what they say about TS Eliot, I like that poem.

    As for Alain de Botton, you should know what I’m going to say. TED Talk!! He’s got one.

    I also loved your excerpt. I was reading right along, enjoying the rhythm and the captured moments, and I don’t mean anything except that I am very silly when at the end I had to shout, “Don’t blink!”

    We Whovians are just impossible sometimes.

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