Happy. Crazy. Unpredictable.

I am blessed that the readership of Running After My Hat is seems to comprise, by and large, a pretty intelligent and creative bunch of people. So perhaps you can figure out my relative online silence this week if I ask you to assemble forms of the following words and word-like objects into a sentence: sebaceous, cyst, infected, beltline, omigodsweetjesusandmarythatHURTS, Vicodin, zombification.

Finding this moving video (by way of an unread e-newsletter) afforded me a very nice welcome back to the Internet, a reassurance that the world probably did not go to hell in my absence:

Wright and the video were also featured in a December column in the New York Times‘s “Well” blog.

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  1. oh no!! I’m sorry, John! hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. What a beautiful, moving video.

    • Isn’t it? Of course, as a good number of comments at the Times site indicated, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if the guy got disciplined for wasting his students’ valuable class time (even if he DOES give this lecture just once a year, in the last class before summer break). If that happens, though, I hope some other school recognizes what he’s got to offer them, and snaps him up!

  3. How about: pleasetellmeyou’reokalready? Pretty please.

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