Safety Video from Middle Earth Airlines

I possibly liked the idea of this more than its execution. But I did get a kick out of the execution, too — and certainly the cameos:

So good to see an airline treating the routine with an interesting, light-hearted twist. The video was uploaded back in October: I do hope they’ve actually shown this on planes while preparing for takeoff, and didn’t just do it as a media stunt.

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  1. I shared your post on Facebook, and my niece – who currently lives in NZ – commented that she has seen it on a few Kiwi flights. I guess that answers your question … However, she also mentioned another video, with Richard Simmons, that she finds much funnier. I’m looking for it on Google.

    Hope you and the missus have a great 2013.

    • OMG. I was about to say that my faith in the humanity of advertisers had been restored… until I read the rest of your comment and found (I think!) the Simmons commercial she must have been referring to:


      P.S. Good to see you here, Tessa. Hope your New Year is great, too!

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