“Yes, But Isn’t the Obvious Wonderful?!?”

Headline and lead-in from the msn.com home page as of this morning:

10 of the weirdest-
shaped homes around

One owner lives in a home modeled after Tolkien hobbit
houses & another used geometry to design her abode…

Yes, I know it’s nit-picking. But I am trying (and failing, in a major way) to conceive of a house whose design and construction did not rely on geometry. :)


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  1. Well, of course, I HAD to respond. Yes, the laws of physics still apply and certainly are manifested with the use of geometry….but, perceptually? Might be as close as we can get on this gravity based planet.

    See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WT5Lu1MKYs,
    and this: http://flatrock.org.nz/static/frontpage/assets/society_culture/blur_building.jpg

  2. Wow, those pics were amazing! I’ m sorry the building no longer exists.

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