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  1. Quite a contemplative piece for a soggy Friday up north. Thanks. I tried to save a turtle last year from being crushed by cars. I was too late, some of them didn’t even pause to mourn. It was very depressing. But I did save one last year. It wasn’t particularly fierce, it just seemed lost trying to get from one place to another. I guided it along with my foot to the side of the road and it plunked down the drain which spills into the pond. At least I hope that’s where it went!

  2. Remind me to stay away from the horned bull.

    I’m coming to this a week late, yet it resonates with me. Especially the “fidelity to objects” of which O’Reilley writes. And Shearin—time to expand my reading list. Yet again…

  3. Okay, so I clicked myself on over to the Visual Complexity site. Sigh. How am I ever going to get to sleep. I could read all night.

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