5 responses to “A Glorious Mess”

  1. I love the Camus quote. I might steal it. Meanwhile you might enjoy my apron post.

  2. The odd instrument is called a harmonium, I believe. My only previous knowledge of them comes from a piece by Simon Jeffes’ Penguin Cafe Orchestra called Music For A Found Harmonium, the mysterious abandonment of one in the street at the start of Paul Thomas Anderson’s very strange rom-com Punch-Drunk Love, and a recent encounter with one in person in a junk shop in Shanghai.

  3. I liked the Gayle Pemberton quote. Waltzes are a favorite of mine as well. The thought of being waltzed across the floor is one of those fantasies I’ve always had. I’ve danced before, but not particularly gracefully and I can’t quite get the hang of following someone’s lead. But in my dreams I’m a virtual Ginger Rogers, high heels and all.

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