On Medium: “The Great Google Books Hack”

I’ve posted a new entry by this title over at Medium.com. Excerpt:

…my ignorance of and fascination with music sometimes lure me into bizarre alleyways of research. The lighting there is poor. Steam hisses up from manholes and storm sewer grates, clouding the air. Sounds are muted, and the air redolent with aromas you pretend not to recognize. Simple nearby geometric shapes, when squinted at, resemble fantastic architecture seen at a distance. If you’re not careful where you walk, you can easily trip on big chunky-Gothic cobblestones of imagination…

It may be of interest to you if you’re interested in:

  • blogging;
  • the Midweek Music Break series here;
  • online research;
  • obsessions and preconceptions;
  • country music;
  • embarrassing public confessions; and/or
  • humor, of a sort.

It relates directly to a RAMH post from this week — sort of the story behind that post, a story which I at first swore to myself I would never share. (Because, y’know, I prefer to publicly present only my competent side.) But, well, it’s a good story.


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