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  1. Now that I’m (almost) 40, I can tell you that Medium appears to do all that they can to randomize the discovery of content.

    I can’t figure out how to consistently locate, follow, or bookmark the writings I find there, beyond recommending them, or sharing on Twitter. My need to bookmark then becomes a Great Social Vote when all I really want is to have that blogroll or RSS feed and return to read it again later.

    Now that I’m not 30, I find this non-arrangement of content less convenient, and I struggle to write the perfect, pithy profile summation which would indicate the latent genius that I expect will become a reality by the time I’m 41, and which would also prove I’m not a doddering elder wishing there was some kind of order.

    Though I really just like things to be in order.

    Something like that.

    Here’s the frustrating rabbit hole I keep running into: I click on the Twitter link provided (if they provide one) and I go to their profile and then click on the website link provided on that profile (if they provide one) and I end up on some page which then sends me to their Twitter or Medium profile. What kind of madness is this? Spill their guts online, but unwilling to identify whose guts.

    I can’t wait until I’m 50.

  2. Regarding American Woman: although I never partook of the Sports Night mania, I made enough tissue flowers for the floats that I felt I was a part. Our sister was a Maroon. She had to do a dance number to that song as well. She could Not roll her hips to get the desired effect at one point and I had to show her how to do it. I recall dancing in front of the huge round vanity mirror upstairs trying to get her “loosened up” in order to do it. I’m not sure I appreciate the memory or not!

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