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  1. I have an image of a beatnik and boojum dance held in Central Park. And little Natalie watching from the shadows.

  2. Haven’t read the Snark in ages. Saw a Boojum the other day, but he went galumphing back to the ravine and haven’t seen him since.

  3. Hi John,you wrote “[Image: Where the Baker was last seen. Plate 10 of Henry Holiday’s original illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark. For an interesting report on some of the (possible) sources for Holiday’s illustrations, see this paper (3.6MB PDF) by Goetz Kluge.]”

    Thank you for the friendly comment. That paper is quite old. In the meantime, there is much more:

    Looking at your blog, you perhaps will be interested in the relation of the illustration shown at the top of your article and “The Bard”, a painting by John Martin and a poem by Thomas Grey:

    Best regards from Munich

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