21 responses to “Midweek Music Break: Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin'””

  1. Some songs just have almost too much written about them, and not enough said. Not so this time, thanks for that. It’s the lyrics here that are eternal and it’s still a clarion call. My present concerns are that it is AS poignant as ever, yet those who once felt that it was their call to order – no longer hear it, and that revolutionary spirit which could have been recognized by Thomas Paine were he alive in 1964 is somehow lost on current generations. Occupy? Well maybe – but then what? Leaders matter, and Bob was a leadin’ here for sure, even if he “only” thought himself a foot soldier at the time.

    The times they are a changin’…still. Can we still change with them?

  2. Well, I’m glad sifted out some of what you called “negative vibes,” while keeping a little edge in this piece. And I do like the edge. Totally in agreement with s.o.m.e. one’s brudder.

    I remember in 9th grade (at the risk of repeating myself–not sure if I ever mentioned this) my English teacher once tasked us with memorizing Dylan’s Hurricane. By then I was already smitten by Dylan’s earlier work, and he had become a hero to many of us high schoolers. Desire had just been released, and I was eager to learn the lines of all the songs. I still remember each word of hurricane (Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night / Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall / She sees the bartender in a pool of blood / Cries out “My God they killed them all”–what an opening!) and looking back now, I think this assignment, to a large part, awakened my young self to all that worldly conflict and tumult.

    Bob—not attempting to effect change. Ha. He’s just blowin’ in the wind.

  3. Whoops- seems I’ve forgotten how to shore up those italics! (Can you tell I haven’t been blogging?)

  4. I know this is as close to blasphemy as I get, but I just don’t get Dylan. He groans, he moans, he sloughs through his songs without any sort of voice that I care to hear twice. I don’t think he’s visionary, he always sounded tired and well-sort of lazy to me.

    The stoning can commence at any time. I’ll hide behind my LP’s of Streisand, Carole King, and John Denver.

  5. Anyone who can listen repeatedly to “Istanbul’s Not Constantinople” has no room for any critique of musicals or any other kind of music, Mr. Brudder!

    1. Cynth, the correct title: Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Just so you have hope of maintaining a shred of dignity among your children.

  6. Well it could have been, but said residents don’t frequent this blog and he’s heard my rants before.

  7. oh….and we haven’t?

    1. oh, so now you’re an “enforcer”….do you clear this with our other sister?

      but I digress…
      All of this is just “blowin in the wind”

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