4 responses to “Weekend (Something Like) Music Break: The Lake House Band,
“Five Dollar T-Shirt Blues””

  1. Damn, I could have sworn I heard that on the radio a couple of years ago.

    You should sell this. Nashville always needs new talent.

    I’m starting to hear a tune in my head….

  2. Maybe it’s just the suggestion of a white trash milieu, but I definitely hear a twang in there. I daresay there’s an intersection between blues and country, but this feels more on the country side to me.

    The ‘bullet hole in my shoe’ is the great moment of genius in this – how resonant with unfathomable back-story is that?

  3. By odd coincidence, one of my colleagues nearly acquired a hole in her shoe by an even stranger means the other day.

    We have a temporary admin office in a business centre just down the road from my apartment. Banging and drilling on the ground floor below has been bothersome for days, but it’s almost ubiquitous in China – you learn to put up with it.

    It seemed the builders were fitting out one of the units below as a coffee shop, and had to install a big air vent for an industrial extractor fan. And they were using a really extravagantly long drill-bit to sink the screwholes for securing this. I mean LONG. They came up through the floor of the office by about 6 inches. Our accountant lady is still a bit flustered.

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