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  1. I love Edward Gorey! A friend of mine has a copy of his illustrated alphabet poem, and I always covet it when I see it at her place. Even this calendar entry has a has a nice creepiness to it, even though it’s pretty innocuous on its own. Lovely.

  2. This is quite simply…wonderful! Makes me want to get out my best paper and nibbed pen with feather, sit down and write or draw. Gorey spends his words economically and is such a good reminder that …less is always more. I really appreciate your affection for this illustration. Thanks for sharing it. Betty

  3. Well, as usual, as soon as I say something outloud, I contradict myself. I see that Gorey was both economical with his words as well as hypnotising with their reach and depth; sometimes ecomomical with his drawings and sometimes richly detailed. Gosh, he did it all. I love words and I love drawing. I think the Unsung Harp will be my first purchase of Gorey’s work. I too have one favorite short, really rich, written discription of a human. It isn’t relative to this post but I bet you’d enjoy it as much as I did. The Unstrung Harp quotes above, are just wonderful. Thank you John. Betty

  4. […] and by 7:30 — after incidental stuff like selecting the day’s background music — begun to write. Took a break of about ten minutes at around 9:00 or so (cup of tea #2), and another (#3) around […]

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