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  1. Aw, sorry your little doggy is under the weather, but I’m glad the problem is fixed. She’ll be scampering about in no time, hopefully.

    Congrats on your loot!

  2. Best wishes to the pooch.

  3. Dear ‘The Pooch’ owner,

    It is so difficult having pets in many ways. I was very reluctant to take on a cat because of the responsibility. “The responsibility!” I hear you cry – “this is nothing, think the pressures of a responsible life saving job, having children, having a partner or other relitive reliant upon you. – fg! A cat is a small responsibility”, you might say.

    But it weighed on my mind because though “only a cat” (I adore her but still) I could not bear to see her suffer one bit (she recently did and I flipped out).
    So its tricky with all the costs you mention above. I guess the key is, do you think she’s in or will be in pain?

  4. Dear John,

    The wonderful thing, though, is that you DID take care of her. You didn’t abandon her to her troubles as many seem to do (just take a look at the local animal shelters). I think having animals and taking care of them, no matter what, is noble. I really do! And the fact that you are such a compassionate person really helps a lot. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for little Sophie and thoughts and prayers to you and the Missus.

  5. My best wishes to the pooch, too!

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