A** Over Teakettle

As a reminder — not that you doubted! — I’ll be intensely preoccupied tomorrow, for the 2010 edition of the New York Writers Coalition’s Write Your A** Off Day.

I’ve mentioned before that this year, they’re sponsoring an online “write-a-thon.” Participants are urged to take the 3K Challenge: to shoot for a goal of 3,000 words’ output on the day. With a certain number and/or volume of qualms, I’m in.

I say “qualms” there because, as I’ve also mentioned, I’ve been in a cavernous creative slump for weeks.

Nonetheless, I’ll play along. I don’t expect to work on Seems to Fit, though. (I feel especially tender and protective about my putative work-in-progress; if my slough of despond drowns it, I’ll really be ready to hang up my keyboard and LaserJet.) Instead, over the course of the last few days I laid the groundwork for a new story; it’s got a fairly interesting plot hook, which I’d like to believe will propel me across the 3K mark at some point tomorrow.

We’ll see. In the meantime, if you catch me frolicking in your neighborhood or elsewhere around the Internet tomorrow, feel free to shy something* at me, and/or yell (à la many a childhood neighbor) something like, “Hey you — get the hell off the playground and get back to work!


* Shy me a brickbat, please. I’d love to know what a brickbat looks like. Especially one that’s been shied.


Update, 2010-06-12, 2:55(ish) p.m.: So I crossed the 3K word mark at around 12:30. The current word count, after some tidying up, is 3,123 words. I’ll post what I got done today in a subsequent entry. This is just my placeholder announcement for anyone who stumbles in and wonders what the heck happened.

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  1. I’m totally in, though I decided not to bother registering. And I’m opening tomorrow at work and working a full shift…

    But, hey, I get off at one, that’s still plenty of time, right? :)

  2. I hope it goes well, Go go go!

    Or as they say over here “ji?yoú ji?yoú!” (add fuel!)

  3. oh the formatting messed up. I’ll try agian. If it looks the same with a mystery ‘?’ in the middle I will explain later. Here goes…


  4. fg: let’s see if this works:


    I’m glad to know that’s meant as encouragement; it seems to say something quite… rude.

  5. Miriam: That’s plenty of time — as fg says, Go go go! and jiāyoú, too!

  6. If I could give you a boost out of the slump, I would. May this project do the trick and be fun.

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