3 responses to “Magic, Good and Bad (2)”

  1. TP here seems to be adopting much the same view that Vonnegut’s Bokonon did, that ‘Everything is foma‘.

    I don’t think he – or Death – is serious about this. And this jocular debate skips over the question of why we need to believe such outlandish lies (not ‘little ones’ at all, I wouldn’t say!); surely less extravagant, more plausible fictions could serve the purpose just as well?

    Besides, I don’t think we really do ‘believe’ that sort of story – not once we pass that ‘There is NO Santa Claus’ moment of revelation in early childhood. It’s more a case of, in certain circumstances, being prepared to ‘accept’ them, to pretend to ourselves that we believe in them for a certain period.

  2. Right out the window? Well perhaps only Waring Hudsucker (in the guise of recently departed Charles Durning) really goes “right out the window” literally and figuratively.

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