4 responses to “Midweek Music Break: Saint Motel, “Benny Goodman””

  1. thanks for the intro – Bro. I’m reminded of Steely Dan, actually – smart/literate, talented musicians willing to play to the masses AND not, Pop culture references with dancable licks. Nice. good way to start the day.

    As to Miles – sweet, talented, and cute – but to my eye, not nearly the charisma and down-right spectacularity of the King of Pop. Analogy taken to MJ, but he feels “thinner” to me. I hope he proves me wrong. For all his personal “weirdness”, MJ had the border-crossing pop/soul thing in extra measure, I think.

  2. That was really fun! I really liked the music! Thanks for this jiving pick up to a rainy Friday.

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