8 responses to “A Skin of Mirror”

  1. How do you find this stuff? (Yes, I know, it’s all out there on the Net, but… I spend a lot of time online, but I don’t think I turn up a tenth as much stuff as you do. And 95% of the best stuff I find… comes from you!

    The opening video I found riveting (in a slightly uncomfortable way; I think this is straying towards the ‘uncanny valley’!), and I have already shared it with a colleague who is teaching a maths class on ‘measurement’ in the upcoming semester.

  2. Annoyed!

    I was just told “That ReCaptcha response was incorrect.” First time ever. And it wasn’t, dammit! It was a very tough one, but their ‘accepted answer’ is obviously wrong.

  3. But more importantly, why is the Rally Monkey hiding behind the man with the blue snake in his arm?

    (Sorry – very obscure reference for long-time readers of the site, and of the former blog of one of the other long-time readers.)

  4. Sigh. I can’t even tell you how I feel about my body right now. Though I still try to dance from time to time.

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