After “The End”…

No, alas — not here to report anything like the conclusion of Seems to Fit. Just sharing a tidbit from the irrepressible xkcd webcomic. The first three panels of today’s contribution to the collective wisdom are above; click the image to see the final panel.

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  1. Wonderful ending! Ah, childhood.

  2. Ha! Love it! … maybe I should be writing Children’s fantasy … hmm.

    (of course the word validation thing suggestions I write “catalogs” hmm)

  3. I love thinking about the contradictions of fictional characters in a (the?) real world, and vice-versa… Have probably mentioned somewhere on here my pet observation, that (e.g.) in the “world” of a Cary Grant film, there is no such actor as Cary Grant, and hence there are no films starring him. And if Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic & Old Lace goes to the theater, it will never be to see Arsenic & Old Lace — with or without Cary Grant.

    (Er, well, obvious exceptions like Being John Malkovich aside.)

  4. Ha! Very funny.

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