10 responses to “Worth a Thousand Words (Plus the Speed of Light in Parsecs per Month, Times Pi, Divided by Planck’s Constant, to the ith Power…)”

  1. This is interesting. I can clearly see, in less than a thousand words, that I am a geek.

    However, not in the old, biting heads off of chicken way. How did the old circus terminology come to stand for an obsessed brainiac?

  2. I’m probably flattering myself outrageously on the intelligence score, but I have aspirations toward nerddom. I’m really grateful that technology was left entirely out of it; by this schema, intelligence plus social ineptitude plus obsession with, say, the history of British naval battles in the Napoleonic wars would make me a fully qualified nerd.

  3. A facebook friend posted this the other day! I might be a geek close to the nerd line.

  4. I am disappointed that we don’t appear to have terms for what lies outside the overlaps.

    Those of us who are quite socially adept but not especially intelligent really, really, really want to know what we should call ourselves.

    And no, ‘obsessives’ isn’t good enough. You ‘intelligents’ are going to have to do better than that.

  5. Only nerds get the triple whammy — all three at once?

    I love this. I’ve been using the words all wrong.

    Clearly, I am a dork.

  6. That.

    I love people with too much time on their hands and access to Photoshop and the Internet. GOD, the world can be good when those things converge.

  7. Hey, Froog! I think those outside of the circles are…everyone else! Those who don’t look at these things anyway…

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