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  1. Oh yes, I see what you mean, she’s not overly pretty. And skins for routers! Is there nothing we can’t find out there on the interwebs?

    Well, in my case, I also wouldn’t want to mess with the feng shui of a room or space. If things are good as is, I won’t touch them, but I’m fairly preoccupied with aesthetics–which is why our router and all the accoutrements, including a clunky old desktop, are all in the basement. I’ll never go back to a desktop–it’s too convenient and much prettier (especially Mac ;)).

    The first home we ever owned–a 1940’s cape, we renovated, and decorated with lots of folk art and antiques. This was before kids, when antique shopping kept us busy nearly every weekend, and we weren’t yet thinking of childproofing. After kids, our new house took on a French country look trimmed with whimsy, walls painted in various color (not a white space left) to hide dirty fingerprints. As I get older, though, I’m drawn to the clean lines of contemporary architecture and decor, and I think that when we ever sell this dang house, I’ll be looking for something not only smaller, but more streamlined and monochromatic. And I’ve never liked anything to florally.

    Hmm… so interesting, John, I’ve never thought about the parallels, but the authors I enjoy most are those that don’t make too much use of florid language. And, I think you know, I’ve been on a mission to pare down my prose. Which is not easy! (That explains all the useless junk in this house.) There you have it: I’m good for one short and concise book. ;)

  2. I go for bright colors. My ipod and toaster are both bright red, the kitchen walls cobalt blue. These splashes of color bring to mind one of my favorite artists, Matisse.

  3. blah, this is a BAD topic for me! but since you ask…

    i moved into my apartment on April 15, 2011. two weeks ago, i finally hung my first piece of art. otherwise the walls are still bare. my books are still in piles by the floor where i intend to buy more bookcases.

    so… not a nester, i guess. but whenever i go to someone else’s space and see the cool things they’ve done with it, i always wish i were.

  4. Well.

    We are buying our first home so decorating is the obsession here at the moment. We are always concerned with how our place looks (in a decorating sense–not necessarily in a housekeeping sense–ahem). A room without art on the walls? I never understand it. We have art everywhere. We have 16 framed pictures on one wall alone.

    My decorating style hasn’t much changed since I was a child. My mother once said, “The thing about your room, is every time I come in here, I find something I hadn’t seen before.”


    In our new home we are planning a chalk board wall (chalkboard paint!) in the foyer for a start. And no eyesores!

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