5 responses to “The Haunting”

  1. I recall watching this on our grandmother’s TV set in the living room of her house as her and the dog harmonized their snorings. I was so creeped out by the scene above that I think I stayed up all night waiting for something to come and get me. Geez! And when I watched it several years ago, it still made me feel weird. The new version didn’t scare me half as much.

  2. Love this collection of writings. Trying to work up courage to see opening video!

  3. I’m not one for scary movies. I think they overstimulate the CNS and then I can’t sleep for days. Pratchett ‘s piece made me think of Willard which dang near traumatized me for years. But I do like Halloween, and I wonder, now, if we’re going to have one this year. Sandy is starting to look scary!

  4. Dia de los Muertos is a good day to read these poems and excerpts. I’ve been trying to think of those gone on today, and so a few lines here certainly capture that–though I’ve tried to keep a more happy feeling about it. Maybe happy isn’t the right word, but not creeped out or depressed.

    I don’t watch scary movies as a rule. I’ve seen a few though not The Haunting–any version. The face in wall design…I’ve been freaked about by similar wallpaper in other people’s houses. It’s one reason I don’t like wallpaper. Once you see that face, it’s always there.

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