Midweek Music Break: [Unknown Artist], “[Unknown Christmas Song]”Mannheim Steamroller, “Kling Glöckchen”

Name That Tune
Yes, the “1” is a typo.

Update, 4:36pm EST: the mystery is solved! (See comments.)

You know how difficult it is to identify a song when you don’t know anything about it, except that you sorta-kinda like the way it sounds? Right: that difficult. And I’ve got such a song for you today…

Background: Some years ago, I had successfully ripped all of our many, many Christmas CDs to my computer, so I could set up an infinitely-repeating, ever-shuffled background playlist while I worked. Boy, that was great. (Because, y’know, even though one wants to hear Christmas music for only a couple-three weeks out of the year, during that period one really wants to hear it.)

Problems ensued, however — in particular, the problem of limited disk space. (We must have had twenty or more of these CDs at the time, and every year, it seemed, we’d add another.) I kept getting all of these warning messages from my PC that I needed to free up some space, or risk (a) crashing, (b) unsatisfactory performance, and/or (c) so on. My solution was ingenious,  or so I thought (never too busy for a self-inflicted pat on the back!): after the holiday season that year, I burned the entire shuffled Christmas playlist to as many CDs as it took. (It took fewer than the original, because I could cram 20-25 songs on a disk, unlike the manufacturers who included only a dozen or so.) I could just label the CDs like christmas 1, christmas 2, etc., because when I wanted to listen to CDs as opposed to music-on-the-hard-drive I’d probably be in the car and wouldn’t need song details.

…so, having burned the stack of CDs, I then — post-holiday, remember? — deleted all the Christmas music from my hard drive. Because I could always re-rip them as needed, right?

What a dummy. Because, as it happened, I just might not know the title or artist of a particular song. You know — the sort of information which is typically lost when you burn a music CD.

Which brings me to this week’s selection.

First solution: identify it via a lyrics search. Except I can’t make out the lyrics (other than the ting-a-ling-a-lings, and I’m not even sure of those). For a couple of minutes, I even dragged The Missus into the question. (Involving her in my personal and generally fleeting obsessions tends not to be fruitful for either of us, let alone for us together.) Maybe they’re in some other language???

I kinda remembered encountering an online music database that enabled you to search for a song using just the tune — by humming or whistling it, for instance. Maybe Musipedia, although I seem to remember it had a catchier name… I think I told a nephew about it… or maybe just scratched a note to myself… […mucks about in browser history and emails sent to himself to help him remember stuff later…] Oh, right: I think it was this one (although its feature list seems to have shrunk). But so far I’ve had no luck with either.

So that’s today’s dilemma. Anyone know what this song is?

[Below, click Play button to begin [Unknown Christmas Song]. While audio is playing, volume control appears at left — a row of little vertical bars. This clip is 1:51 long.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. By the way, if anyone’s wondering… yes, I’m going to be posting my annual “quirky/eclectic Christmas music” playlist sometime in the next few days. If not tomorrow, then I reckon it will be Saturday.

  2. We’ve barely had the Christmas music on here, but I’m so ready for it. And the new year. :)

    This recording is the Mannheim Steamroller performing Kling Glockchen. (So says my SoundHound app. ;)) It’s a pretty piece.

    Merry Christmas and happiest of New Year’s to you and yours, John!

    • Well, I’ll be damned. Thank you so much!

      Soundhound, is it? I KNEW there was a reason I missed your voice around here, and that’s it: She knows about strange smartphone apps. Heh.

      Same wishes right back at you. Looking forward to hearing amazing things from you next year!

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