8 responses to “Midweek Music Break: Crosby, Stills, and Nash (with a twist), “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes””

  1. I still remember my older brother waxing effusive about what “genius” Steven Stills is/was/will be when this album made it’s debut in our household and my recall was that this & Deja Vu made an almost simultaneous entry to 710 (memory is an interesting thing, isn’t it?). Is that memory close to correct? I suppose it could be that they DID enter the house simultaneous to me as you were bringing them home from your first year of college.
    That fleeting memory also suggests that I was “schooled” on that genius issue even though Neil was dancing around the edges of the CSN album (including his peeking through the screen door on the jacket). Neil might be an important contributor – but it was Stills that held the mantle here, my elder brethren assured me. A fond memory of musical education. You might have been a late starter, but you certainly got up to speed quickly enough, and have made up for lost time since.

  2. Boy, I loved this album. I listened to it again and again, but not in our house. I didn’t really get to play it much at all until I was in my own house! I had a boyfriend (before hubby) who loved it and would play it ad nauseum when I was over his house. But the Suite, well, I had a friend who would talk to me on the phone for hours on end and he would laugh purposefully at a joke or something stupid just like that! I had forgotten all about that until you wrote about this. Thanks for the memory jogger and now I’ll have to go hunt it up…oh! wait I can get it on iTunes, right??

  3. Love this piece. Cannot listen to CSN’s Suite: Judy Blue Eyes without thinking about how my siblings and I–who wore out the grooves of this album–would excitedly anticipate the double hand claps toward the end of the song (I think just before the verse in Spanish?) and would, invariably, as if it were bad luck not to, smack our hands in sync.

    And of course, when Y joined in, the vinyl got really frayed.

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