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  1. I love surfing movies. Have you ever seen Dana Brown’s Step Into Liquid, a full-length surfing documentary from about 10 years ago? Ravishing!

    I initially read the title of the film at the top of this week’s roundup as The Heart of the Sea, which (with an additional In at the start that I’d forgotten) was the title of a non-fiction bestseller (by another Nathaniel, as it happens – Philbrick) about a famous 19th century maritime disaster where a whaling ship sank after being apparently attacked by an enraged sperm whale – the central inspiration, obviously, for Moby Dick.

  2. I manage to drop by fairly frequently, despite the worst efforts of the Chinese Internet censors. (They don’t block RAMH, but they interfere with so much else that they make everybody’s connection treacly slow.) I’m sorry I don’t always feel inspired to comment.

    I am more than somewhat exhausted at the moment – both mentally and physically – after finally upping sticks from Beijing after 10-and-a-half years, and landing a new, exciting, but dauntingly challenging job for later in the year.

    After the small matter of devising a curriculum for three different subjects, finalising procurement lists for the establishment of a new school, and teaching myself how to edit film and soundtrack with the latest digital software (and, maybe, finally getting my Chinese up to a proper conversational level, since the place I’m going is likely to be significantly less foreigner-friendly than Beijing)… why, then I might finally have some time for some leisurely blog browsing and commenting again. Sometime in July, I would estimate. Sigh.

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