6 responses to “Midweek “Music” Break: The Perhaps Non-Musical Sister”

  1. It may please you to know that I listened/read this with our other sister in our hotel room in Boston- both still in our jammies, considering our plan for the day.
    We laughed a lot and will probably hum and repeat it all day . . .thanks!

    A lot of effort went into this thoughtful post. I love you big brother. . .thanks

  2. No comment on my “jammies”, but I believe that I am still in possession of “Marge’s” table, fyi. I’ll see if I can find it, and forward a pic.

  3. And of course, I have to add my two cents. A few years ago we experienced younger brudder in his Jammie’s and I believe they had some strange symbols on them. Don’t want to see them again!

    To say I wish you were here is an understatement. Love you and hope to see you sometime soon.

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