6 responses to “The Golden Treasury‘s Author (1): Bertha Parker’s Early Years”

  1. Looking forward to more parts of this remarkable woman’s story. Do you have any photographs of her? Morris Parker is highly neglected as an author who sold 60 million volumes of an encyclopedia. Interesting to read about her disappointment with the teaching she received while in grade school. She spent the rest of her life correcting that position, most notably with The Golden Book Encyclopedia.

  2. I am Bertha Morris Parker’s second cousin. I have pictures of her.

    1. Hi Nancy

      Is it possible to access images from your photographs of Bertha? It would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of admiration for her contribution to a generation of young people between the late 1950’s-60’s. She was such a clear and concise writer. As mentioned in my first comment I consider Morris Parker a significant writer/influence in the U.S and many other parts of the western world.

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