One response to “Out of Nowhere”

  1. My, you have been busy, JES! Thank you – this is a particularly rich selection for the year’s end.

    I particularly like Brad Zellar’s metaphor; but I am unable to investigate his blog at the moment, since my VPN is on the blink – very frustrating. And I hadn’t heard of that Thomas Merton novel before, but am convinced that I have to buy it at once… perhaps for the school library. (Do you remember my sci-fi story outline about The Tempters? I have just realised that the power to create a school library is just that kind of irresistible ultimate delight for me – although it is also a fiendishly subtle torture, an impossible and neverending task.)

    I can imagine how excited you will have got about Madeleine L’Engle’s exploration of links between Wales and the Americas. I’m not sure if it’s the same “expedition” that she refers to, but I recall reading that quite large numbers of coalminers from South Wales were hired to go out to Argentina (to work copper or tin rather than coal, I think) – I suspect it must have been Bruce Chatwin’s wonderful In Patagonia where I came across that.

    And thanks also for the ongoing Christmas music selections. I’ve been diverting myself with that over the last few days whiled holed up, bored and lonely, in a hotel room in Hong Kong (visa issues again!).

    Best wishes to you and The Missus for a splendid 2014!!

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