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  1. Okay, these are all great, but “Writing a Resume” is some extra-good stuff.

  2. A friend of mine is writing her resume this weekend. I wonder how she’d take this poem.


    Question. How has doing these poetry and more posts affected you? Changed anything about your writing, your point-of-view, your thinking? Anything?

  3. Nothing quite like a black and white French art film. There was a time, too, when I may actually have considered spending my hard-earned dollars on haute couture sheet metal, but, well, those days, thankfully are long past.

    Bourdain was in Paris last night (well, my last night), encouraging tourists to relax, read a book, eat and drink–at lot (but of course)–and, in general, stay away from all things touristy. Now that is no conundrum.

    And Red Molly. Aren’t they wonderful? Incidentally, I featured Richard Thompson (singing 1952 Vincent Black Lightning in one of my very early and very anemic FNF posts. And later, for a semester-long fiction workshop, wrote a short story in which Thompson was the object of a certain delusional woman’s desire. (Ok, I’ll just admit it, I had a minor crush on him for a time.)

    So your “You”, in a way, makes me feel that I’ve sort of gone full circle here in the blogging world. Hmm… and while the whole King John business has me a little concerned about, well, solitary pursuits, I’m going to try to get beyond that and focus on the flowers.

    Bon mots, John. ;)

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